Jivani Land

Road Map

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June 2023


In June 2023, starting to operate and attracting people and business partners. Implementation of income generation plan and commission generation.

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August 2023


In August 2023, the presentation of shares of games and projects in the form of an NFT collection on the domestic Market Place and reputable markets.

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December 2023

Epic Game Unveiling

In December 2023, we will unveil the game from the Jivani Games collection on Google Play and the App Store platforms.

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March 2024

Fixed Benefit Plan

Providing a plan to earn fixed income from the total income from games and other platforms in which we invest for loyal members.

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June 2024

Online Shop

Launching an online store with the ability to offer both digital and physical products, accompanied by income-generating opportunities for business partners.


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Our Goal is to Become a Game Stock Market

We offer you game stocks in NFT format. You can invest by buying NFTs of any game and earn income from the profits of the games. In addition, we give you the possibility to earn by referring your friends.


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